Aerial Firefighting Consultancy

Plan. Train. Fight. Debrief. Repeat. 

Our Services

Planning & Supervision

Full consultation of the implementation of a plan on the abilities of the aerial firefighting and agricultural planes.

Training & Lectures

Tailored training courses for aerial firefighting and Agricultural operators on safety, operational performances and training procedures.

Debriefing & Investigations

An independent report of the performance of the aerial firefighting force on a specific fire event.

“The Fire Stork team holds vast knowledge related to the most relevant air and ground regulations. Their unique position in the international aerial fire fighting scene and their accumulated knowledge is priceless. They understand all the professional aspects, from planning to debriefing of complicated fire events at any scale.”

Jane Miller, CEO Company Name

The Founder

Capt. Tomer Inbar is an Active aerial firefighting and Agricultural pilot and an ex-airforce pilot and officer.

Shortly after the disastrous ‘Carmel Fire’ in Israel, Tomer was a member of the founding team for the ‘new Israeli Aerial firefighting squadron’. Tomer served as the Chief Pilot of the squadron for 6 years. As a major part of his role he wrote the Squadron’s procedures, Flight Limitations and operation manuals. During his Firefighting career, Tomer fought hundreds of fires in different countries, protecting forests, villages, factories and army bases. Tomer holds more than 5000 flight hours.


Burning questions?

Whether you need an immediate consultation or an thorough investigation report, we’re here to answer your questions and help you being fully prepared.